Dominate your games with 4d


The Tesseract offers a buttery smooth surface and reactive base layer which makes flicking to and tracking your targets easier than ever before.

The Ultimate upgrade for your desk setup

Tranform the cold, hard surface of your desk into a soft, smooth, luxurious gaming environment that is so comfortable you 'll never want to leave.

Play like a pro

4D pads are engineered in conjunction with some of the most accomplished pro players and content creators to meet the demanding needs of competitors at the highest levels of gaming.

What customers are saying


The Tesseract is pretty amazing.
It has some unparalleled comfort compared to other mouse pads I have used. 10/10 would recommend to anyone

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

Genuinely LOVE this mousepad
The way my mouse glides, how smooth it is, the simplicity in the design its light weight and Ive never had a mousepad that was this easy to clean! 10/10

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

The Tesseract is the smoothest and best mousepad of it's size I've ever seen or felt and it definitely improved my performance, Not too thick, or too thin, and also the edge is even with the rest of the pad!

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

Hands down the most comfortable pad I have ever used. Other pads usually mess with my mouse and my aim gets all messed up. This one allows me to be accurate and comfortable at the same time!

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

I give it a 10/10 cause not only is the mouse pad smooth and nice to play my usual, the box it comes in is smooth so you can enjoy every second of the unboxing aswell

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

This really is one of the best mousepads I’ve used in a very long time. I love the feel of it and its very big takes up pretty much my whole desk (small desk) using my mouse on it is very fast and I find my hands aren’t as tired anymore after gaming sessions or even just me sitting as my desk doing daily tasks..

Ultra Plankton
Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

The 4D Gaming Tesseract is a revolution in peripheral mousepad technology. I have never had a mousepad like this that is not only smooth for all manner of mouse inputs but also is extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Founders Edition Tesseract Owner

why choose 4d?

Unrivaled quality

Every material, process, and detail is studied, optimized, and curated so that our pads deliver comfort and performance at the highest level.

elite performance

4D pads were developed by some of the most accomplished pro players in the world to be the ultimate gaming mousepad for casuals and elite pro players alike.

Unbelievable comfort

4D mousepads transform your desk into a lush, comfortable environment that you'll never want to leave.


JUST WAY BETTER. It's actually the best pad I've ever used.

WILDCAT, Co-Founder
8.5M Subs Gaming Youtuber

An all-around great pad, and very consistent. The long-term use shocked me of how little wear it had overtime.

Pro Esports Player

We designed this pad to the exact specs of what I wanted in a high-performance, premium pad. It's my favorite pad I have ever used.

CHAP, Co-Founder
Pro Esports Player