All pads on our site feature the same "4D" performance surface which offers a balanced mix of speed and control. Size is the only difference between Enigma and Tesseract.

Enigma is a hybrid pad, meaning it offers a balance of speed and control, making it a perfect option for someone purchasing their first "performance" mousepad.

We recommend keeping pads stored in their sleeve bags when not in use. This prevents damage by changes in temperature and humidity and keeps your pad feeling brand new!

All 4D mousepads are 5MM thick.

Our pads can last many years if properly cared for, the surface of our pads is extremely durable and is not coated with any films or sprays meaning it will not wear down in high friction areas like other performance pads.

We stand behind our products with 100% confidence and your satisfaction is our priority. If you want to return a pad, we have a no-questions asked policy. Send it back and we'll process a full refund.